• Are the appliances new?
    • They are open box appliances. Mostly never used. Many are slightly dent or dent free. We do not have much items with heavy dent, but if you like, they are offered with even greater discount.
  • How do you ensure the quality of open box appliances?
    • Before we sell, our store have each appliance tested for full functionality.
  • Do you have warranty on your appliances?
    • There is no manufacture warranty, but our store is willing to offer every customer 1 year free warranty from third party warranty company – CPS, who is the warranty partner with Lowe’s. Extended warranty is available to purchase at store with competitive price.
  • Why your price can go so low?
    • As mentioned above, although most of the appliances are in great quality and never being used, they are open box and without manufacture warranty. We beat the Home Depot price low enough to attract you, so you can both enjoy the great product and low price at the same time.
  • What appliances do you hold and what are their brands?
    • We hold LG brand currently, and potentially have GE in near future. We carry refrigerators, range ovens, microwaves, dish washers, washers and dryers, also wash towers.
  • Do you deliver?
    • If you have no way of pick up, we can help deliver with some fee. Delivery for items that are bulky and heavy like refrigerator and heavy washer can be a little bit more expensive than the small ones like dish washer and dryer. Delivery that will need to pass through more stairs/steps can cost a bit more. Come and visit our store with your specific needs and we will try to help you out.
  • Do you install?
    • We can help you install with a fee, and actually we prefer installing for you. Many of the cases that customer encounters a problem of just purchased appliance is related to connecting to a wrong wire.
  • Do you haul away?
    • We can help haul away the old appliances with a fee.
  • Do you provide install parts?
    • The install parts like washer hoses, dryer cord and vents, are sold separately. We provide the install parts with competitive price. Ask us when you visit the store.

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