Repair My Broken Refrigerator? Or Buy a New One?

Two quick questions to ask yourself before making the decision:

  1. Is my refrigerator over 8~10 years old?
  2. Does it need a really expensive repair?

If any of the answers are yes, chances are it is time for a new refrigerator! If the old refrigerator has a broken compressor or ice maker, then it is probably not worth to invest new money into an old refrigerator. New models likely have better energy efficiency, which saves money on electrical bills.

If both answers are no, it might be worth to try to repair. Finding out what was wrong is the most important step, so make sure to have a reliable and well experienced technician for the repair. Also, remember to check with the manufacture or warranty company if you have one, and find out the deductibles and their repair/replacement policy.

If you still feel uncertain to decide for your specific case, leave us a comment. We will be happy to help!

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